NFT 2.0
For any event

NFT 2.0
For any event

  • Tickets
  • Accesses
  • Gifts
  • Certificates

Create tickets in just a few clicks with our service. We cater to events of any size, from a meetup to a large conference. Surprise your guests and speakers by including gifts inside the ticket, such as coins, tokens, or even NFTs. Additionally, you can use the tickets as discount coupons or loyalty cards, and evaluate the level of audience engagement.

Disclaimer: The service is in open beta testing, so it is provided in 'as is' format.

Our platform is capable of handling events

of any complexity, duration, and workload, allowing individuals to organize everything from small meetups to full-scale multi-day conferences and exhibitions
You can:
  1. Create an event page
  2. Develop a profile for any speaker
  3. Describe the event schedule
  4. Add any content (text, audio, video, etc.)
  5. Communicate with visitors via email/Telegram
  6. Authorize visitors with NFT/wNFT tickets
  7. Give them digital gifts such as tokens and coins
  8. And this is not all... try it out!

In addition:

  1. We are ready to provide you with a manager to help automate the service and help with the initial setup.
  2. Or even tweak the service to match your requirements.
  3. Refine the schedule
  4. Get in touch with your contacts
  5. In general, it will do everything (not for free, of course) to ensure the success of your event!
Let’s start!

Your roadmap
with links and 
video instructions

Create an event. Add speakers, members, and sponsors. Send notifications and manage your event
Produce the required number of NFT tickets
Add digital gifts * Optional
Put up for sale and/or free distribution
Check and redeem tickets, give digital gifts, etc.


Events limit
Content limit
Max space
Sponsored content
AI generated images
Events limit5
Content limit100
Max space100 Mb
Sponsored contentβ€”
AI generated imagesβ€”
VIP πŸ‘‘
Events limitUnlimited
Content limitUnlimited
Max space10,000 Mb
Sponsored content βœ”
AI generated images100 per month
100 DAI
Community choice
Events limit20
Content limit1000
Max space1,000 Mb
Sponsored contentβ€”
AI generated images10 per month
10 DAI

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