Inside NFT 2.0

On March 01, 2023, the INSIDE NFT 2.0 online intensive will take place. This is the first specialized event focused on the emerging trend of NFT2.0: dynamic NFT, wrapped NFT, interactive NFT and others. NFT2.0 brings real values and benefits for the real world, not just for aesthetic gratification.

The world will be tokenized and new kinds of (non) interchangeable tokens will play a huge role then. The industry leaders will provide a quick, safe and effective dive into the concept of smart assets.

INSIDE NFT 2.0 invites experts and technology project leaders working in the field of programmable assets to share their expertise and experience with the Web3.0 community. The goal is to define a roadmap for the future of NFT and to support participants and their Web 3.0 projects to build the future together. 

The event will cover artificial intelligence technology, new NFT services, and meta universes. Each participant (not just the speakers!) will bring their own personal involvement into the event. These trends of the new times and the new economy of the Great Web will be presented during the event. There will be discussion of values, trends and the future of the industry and the role of NFT2.0.

The general partner of the event is Envelop, a DAO with the goal of providing NFT with real value.


The deliveries of the event:

  • An introduction to the concept of Web 3.0, which has already become a leading trend in 2020-2023 and will continue to evolve;
  • A quick dive into the world of NFT 2.0 for newcomers and a deeper dive for experts;
  • an overview of promising instruments and markets for beginners and experienced investors;
  • acquaintance with technologies that already exist on the market;
  • panel sessions with the participants of the intensive (DeFi 2.0, DAO, and many others).


The purpose of this event is to form a community of experts and specialists in the field of NFT 2.0, for further interaction and building new (and scaling existing) Web3.0 projects using advanced technologies. 

Speakers of the online intensive:

  • Emilio Canessa - Special Projects Manager of DFINITY($ICP)
  • Bob Bodily - CEO ToniQ Labs 
  • Melissa Song - Head of Growth Shiku Metaverse / Yumi Marketplace
  • Luke Dugdale - CEO Funded / Plug Wallet
    Panel discussion: "NFT 2.0 in the Internet Computer Ecosystem (#ICP)"
  • Joseph Khan - CEO Vibe Data Pte. Ltd. Advising and incubating a number of Web3 projects specifically designed to solve real-world problems faced by Web2 brands and communities. Went on to work with Microsoft, Xbox, Unilever, Facebook, etc. The former Head of R&D at Grab and COO at Enjinstarter. 
    Topic: "Using Dynamic Soulbound Tokens to Drive Loyalty"
  • Alexander Kuzin - Genesis Block Member of DAO Envelop. A Web3.0 researcher since 2016, 15 years of strategic development of IT products in the areas of blockchain, e-com and fintech (Even, Agora, Acquiropay).
    Topic: "NFT 2.0 & SAFT. Evolution of Fundraising"
  • Aleks Shedogubov - Web 3.0 entrepreneur. Genesis member of DAO Envelop.
    Topic: NFT 2.0 & Future

Leads the online event:

  • Eugene Romanenko aka Crypto Emcee is a Web3 promoter, content creator, KOL and Envelop`s media host with an in-depth knowledge of Austrian Economics.


The event will be held and broadcast in MiXR (VR, AR, RR)

VR - metaverse Spatial


AR - in the metaverse of augmented reality by ARCONA

RR - will be broadcast on YouTube


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